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Malaysian Tapioca Cake – Kuih Binka Ubi

Tapioca / Cassava cake – Kuih Binka Ubi

Having grown up in Malaysia, I’ve savoured many nonya desserts, but one of my favourites has to be kuih binka ubi (tapioca/ cassava cake). This is version is improvised, to use as little ingredients as possible so that I can whip it up in a flash. It’s very important as one never knows when a craving for kuih binka ubi (tapioca/cassava cake) comes about.

This tapioca cake  is less sweet and does not have coconut in, yet incredibly moreish as I woof down 1/3 of the tray while trying to take pictures. The less finely grated tapioca gives one the opinion that there is coconut in the cake. As there is no flour, less sugar, I’m convinced that with the tapioca, it’s a healthy dessert/ snack. Ah well, everything in moderation!

The recipes easily doubles so that I can make a huge portion and distribute out to friends.

What is tapioca/ cassava?

Tapioca/ Cassava is a root plant originating from South America. Popular is Africa, South and Central America, India and Southeast Asia, it is a root, rich in carbohydrates, mainly starch, and a major source of energy. In its raw form, it’s appearance is similar to taro/ yam, with a thick brown outer layer.

Tapioca / Cassava cake – different filter

Malaysian Tapioca Cake – Kuih Binka Ubi

1Kg frozen Tapioca (cassava), completely thawed

180 – 200 gm sugar

350 gm coconut cream ( a little extra to coat the top for browning)

3 gm salt

Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius.

Squeeze out water from thawed tapioca.

In a large bowl, combine tapioca, sugar, coconut cream and salt, stir thoroughly. Place in microwave at 3 minute intervals, stirring during the intervals till mixture thickens. Do not worry if mixture is lumpy.

Pour into a greased 8inch square cake pan and bake in a preheated 200 degree celsius oven for 30 mins. Take out and lightly coat the top with the reserved coconut cream and return to the oven for 15 mins or till the top browns.

Cool completely before cutting tapioca cake into slices. Enjoy with friends!

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Wordless Wednesday – Homemade Sourdough

Collection of French style sourdough (Levain de campagne) and Chilli cheese and corriander sourdough

Collection of French style sourdough (Levain de campagne) and Chilli cheese and corriander sourdough

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