honeyandsoy is a celebration of food. honey is the baker of us two, and soy is the cook of the household. We hope to share our dining experiences as well as show off our handiwork in the kitchen. We live in Canberra, Australia, and are frequent visitors to Sydney and Melbourne and our hometown, Singapore.

honey and soy both grew up in the cultural melting pot that is Singapore, with both traditional Southeast Asian and Western influences. We both cultivated a love of food from a very young age and were exposed to a myriad of different cuisines. Coming to Australia has not only opened our eyes to cuisines from other parts of the world, but also has increased our knowledge and matured our tastebuds significantly. honeyandsoy is consequently influenced by our Asian heritage, but also our adopted home and modern Australian and European cuisines. We hope to share our love of food with you through our stories, photos and recipes.

And why honey and soy? Well, we only drink tea with a teaspoon of honey and lots of soy milk! Yum!

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Honeyandsoy welcomes opportunities for restaurant reviews, recipe and cookbook reviews, food-related product reviews and interviews. Please keep in mind that honeyandsoy will always present our honest opinion in order to maintain our professional integrity and vision for our blog. However, we are very approachable and warm and would definitely love to begin a discussion with you. We also welcome product placements that we can provide to our readers through competitions.

We are especially interested in promoting small, local businesses and people extremely passionate about real, quality food.

It’s been a fulfilling and humbling experience connecting with people from around the world since we started honeyandsoy. As honeyandsoy continues to grow, we hope to bring our readers even more exciting stories from our part of the world and beyond!

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