Breakfast & Beer, Daylesford, Vic

The name Breakfast & Beer should evoke a “you had me at hello” moment. Well, it did for us! We came across Breakfast & Beer just as we arrived in Daylesford in the evening, and it was closed. One look at the quaint façade with colourful, dusty beer bottles lining the window and a twirling iron staircase inside, and we knew that lunch the next day was sorted.

Breakfast & Beer is in one of the oldest free-standing buildings along one of the main streets in Daylesford, lined with artisan shops and local food. But more about that later. We went in for lunch, because that meant it was a more decent (read: socially acceptable) time to have a beer, and gaped at the extensive beer list. ‘Extensive’ doesn’t even really begin to describe it, and there are beers from Australia to Europe and Japan.

Soy chooses a Japanese ginger beer which tastes dark and robust, with a spicy gingery aftertaste. I just giggle at the cute owl on the label! And no, I had not yet drunk my beer ;)

Our friend SM has a pale hopp beer, and it tastes very… hopp-y and yeasty.

If you can’t already tell, I am not into beer, so this strawberry beer is an obvious choice. For a non-beer drinker like me, Timmerman’s is lovely. It’s sweet and fruity, and has only the slightest aftertaste of beer. I’ve had the peach as well, and it was crisp and delicious.

Now, for the food:

Organic potato hash brown, avocado, Holy Goat's curd, fresh beet relish, rocket $15

Chimichurri Glenloth chicken, zucchini, green beans, corn & coriander $22

Pacdon Cumberland sausages, pickled cucumber, fried egg, rocket, toast $16

What we loved about the food is that it showcased local organic produce. And that it wasn’t fancy with bells and whistles, but looked and tasted home cooked. Because Soy is a great cook, when we eat out, we always try and order dishes that we can;t cook ourselves. But the food at Breakfast & Beer kind of changed our thinking, because it tasted exactly like what we cook at home- tasty, nutritious and wholesome.

With a warm atmosphere, good food and a whole range of beers that could take months to get through, Breakfast & Beer is a place that we would love to go back to over and over again.

We can’t talk about Daylesford without telling you how great it is. If you love food, you absolutely need to visit. There is a huge food culture and a collective of food growers, producers, restaurateurs, publicans, provedores and vignerons who take advantage of the amazing local climate and produce some of the best wine and food in Australia. And it is only 90 minutes northwest of Melbourne. We were only sorry that we did not spend enough time in Daylesford to sample more of the region’s offerings.

We also stayed in a lovely house right on Daylesford Lake. This was our amazing view:

We booked our accommodation on Daylesford Getaways and though this is a food blog, we really did want to give them a mention because the team there were absolutely lovely. Though we rang ahead to let them know we would be late, they gave us a call just before their office closed with instructions about how to pick up the keys. We arrived just as the lovely ladies were leaving for the day, but they stopped us and explained the directions to the house. We were so impressed that they were so thorough and genuinely warm.

And this was the complimentary hamper of regional goodies- and it is the best hamper that we have ever had in a property! It had everything from farmhouse muesli, organic potato chips, chocolate, trail mix and cookies. We felt extremely pampered by Daylesford Getaways, and the property was immaculate. They have 160 properties in the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region so they will definitely have something to suit your taste and budget.

Daylesford has everything that Soy and I enjoy, and we will definitely be back. Our only wish is that it wasn’t so far away from us!

Breakfast & Beer

117 Vincent Street
Daylesford Vic 3460
03 5348 1778
Open Wed-Sun. Breakfast and lunch: 8am-3pm, Dinner: 6-11pm. Open all day for beer :)
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Daylesford Getaways

123 Vincent Street, Daylesford, Victoria
03 5348 4422

Daylesford Macedon produce

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  • Hannah

    That ginger beer sounds fantastic! And oh, how I love for that hamper…

  • InTolerant Chef

    Looks like somewhere I’d love to go, a district that’s passionate about good food and products and showing them off to the rest of the world!

  • Michelle Chin

    The countryside looks very nice but I’m not a huge fan of such places. :) Anyway, I was glad that you enjoyed this trip. :D

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Daylesford is one of my favourite destinations and yes they are so generous with their regional hampers! What a lovely area and I’m so glad you reviewed Breakfast and Beer as we wanted to go here (but ran out of stomach space).

  • Iron Chef Shellie

    i <3 daylesford!… mmmm beer :D