Crispy skin kingfish with zuchinni and tomato salsa recipe

A friend came over for tea one day, and when we asked her to stay for dinner, I had to think up of a quick but delicious dish. The key to crispy skin fish is more about technique rather than recipe itself. The thing is that it’s a pretty simple technique so please try this!  This is great with salmon too, which honey loves.

This post does not really have clear recipe written down as I hope to inspire you to cook the crispy skin kingfish with your favourite sauce/ salsa/ accompaniment.

Crispy skin kingfish

  • Pat dry the skin, rub a little salt and olive oil on the skin.
  • Heat pan till hot, don’t add anymore oil
  • Place the kingfish skin side down, turn down the heat and cook for 2-3 mins (depending on thickness of the fish)
  • You can usually see the progression of the fish cooking from the side
  • Once the fish is half cooked, flip it and cook for 30secs
  • Serve on plate

Lemon and butter Sauce

  • Melt some butter in the same pan
  • Squeeze some lemon juice in
  • Season to taste
  • Spoon around the fish so as not to make the crispy skin kingfish lose its crunch

I feel that Salsa is really all about the vegetables and flavours that you love. This salsa was made from zuchinni, tomatoes and parsley from my garden.I felt that onions would have been overpowering to the delicate taste of the kingfish, so I left it out. Honey always polishes off this dish whichever way I make it, so let your creative juices flow and make your own version!

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  • soy

    Lol, thanks, give it a try, it seriously tastes as good as it looks 8)

  • AA

    That is one handsome looking fish. The Crisp golden skin is just gorgeous. DRooooooooooooooooooooooooool……………