Soy’s garden harvest 2009/2010

Yups, these strawberries are from our garden and forms the  main banner for honey and soy.

Lyn gave me 1 of the 3  shark’s fin melon seedlings she had,  1 was with her, 1 was with DnW and the other with me. I nurtured it for 2-3 months and it yielded 1 shark’s fin melon! Both the other plants died! I actually had a shark’s fin melon party where I invited the gourmet gang and made a soup out of it. Don was super happy that the soup resembled the texture of shark’s fin but was not the real thing since he does not eat shark’s fin.  None of our shark friends would ever be harmed in the making of this soup.

After feeling really proud of myself for painstakingly growing this one precious melon, I went about looking for recipes for the soup. Then I read on little Teochew that it costs $1.40 in NTUC in Singapore. :( Major anti-climax. BUT, I still had an immense sense of satisfaction when everyone enjoyed the soup with my home-grown melon. Shark’s fin melon is also known as spaghetti squash in Australia.

Yes, I did save the seeds to make sure that next year’s crop yields more melons!

Zucchini and basil

Eggplant aka brinjal aka aubergine. (shark’s fin melon seeds peeping out from the corner)

My lettuce stash

We’ve been getting frost the last few nights, so my garden is a bit bare at the moment. Am looking forward to summer already cos I’m plotting what new crops to plant!

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