Honey and Soy Chicken Wings- Spring / Summer BBQ series

I love chicken wings…nono, I love bbq honey and soy chicken wings. In fact, by the time I was 18, my friends and I (all girls) had mastered starting a charcoal fire just so that we could have these tasty morsels at a moment’s notice. With Summer almost coming up, I could not resist having this at a recent BBQ in Sydney. My sister lives in Sydney with her husband and when we get together, there is always a feast. And in this case, the BBQ was fired up, friends were invited and in typical Asian style, we pigged out big time!

When I first came to Australia, I was devastated that chicken wings were not considered part of an Aussie BBQ menu. What is so special about chicken wings? I think it’s because I grew up eating chicken wings in Asia, that I love it. Not all chicken wings are equal , some have a terrible marinade, others, under cooked etc. These chicken wings are finger licking good! Sticky, moist, tender and just the right amount of saltiness and sweetness.

So look out for more BBQ recipes as we share with you more dishes that we absolutely must have during our BBQs. What are your must haves in your BBQ?

Honey and Soy Chicken Wings recipe

2 kg chicken wings

1/2 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup white wine

3 cloves minced garlic

1 tbsp ginger


-Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl and marinate for at least 2 hours (overnight if possible)

-Heat the grill till very hot

-Sear the chicken wings

-Turn the heat down

-Baste chicken wings in marinade and keep turning them on the grill to ensure even cooking

Note that it’s important that you keep turning the chicken wings to ensure that they don’t burn too much. I was a little too enthusiastic with my blazing fire and some parts were a little too scorched. If you want the perfect result with minimal fuss, grill it in the oven at 190°C, fan-forced for around 20-30 mins.

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  • http://twitter.com/wayfaringchoc Hannah Terry-Whyte

    Oooh, lookee all those crispy caramelised bits!

    The BBQ at my parents’ place is most often adorned with salmon/tuna… sadly I don’t have a BBQ at my new place!

  • http://theindolentcook.blogspot.com/ the indolent cook

    Oh I made BBQ wings AND drumsticks last week and the week before! Must get around to posting it up… yours has got great colour, I could bite into one of those right now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/deeba.rajpal Deeba Rajpal

    Ooooh me likey…me likey this a lot. Love the robust, delicious look they have. The marinade is a winner too… VERY YUM!!

  • Lollcakes

    I am so happy it’s BBQ season again! Love the chicken wings, will try them next time. :)

  • http://figjamandlimecordial.com/ Celia

    Surely this is your signature dish? Or at least the house special? Looks delicious! :)

  • http://intolerantchef.blogspot.com InTolerant Chef

    I don’t like bbq chicken breasts as they dry out too much, but I always love wings! They need to be that tiny bit overdone for the extreeme stickiness and crispy skin to happen though. Yummm…

  • http://anediblemosaic.com Faith

    With winter just starting, I’m already longing for grill season after seeing this! The wings look fantastic!

  • http://www.pigpigscorner.com/ pigpigscorner

    No wings? That’s my favourite part of the chicken! Love the glaze and charred parts, yum!

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    ooo fish, I’ve always wanted to do a whole fish on the bbq!

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Great minds think alike 8)

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks Deeba

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Me too! Hope you love this recipe.

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Lol, you’re right, it’s a chicken wing signature dish, I actually love another one (Malaysian style with tumeric and lime juice)but honey likes this one alot more.

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Yeah, chicken breast can be a little tricky. The trick too is to get a chicken breast lover to cook it for you, and you’ll never have a dry one. Totally agree, slightly overdone chicken wings are to die for…

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks Faith

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Yummm, thanks pps.