Lemon, garlic and thyme roast chicken – Quick and easy method

Honey and I love roast chicken, especially one that is easy to make for a weekday dinner. The only way I know to have your own homemade roast chicken done super quick is to butterfly it. This way, the chicken cooks evenly and much quicker, it’s halving your chicken roasting time. If you know of any other way, please share, as I’m always looking out for simple and quick ways to cook a healthy weekday dinner.

I might have over done the browning of the skin by just a wee bit… but this creates such a sensational flavour and crispness that I could not resist cooking this lemon and thyme butter roast chicken this way.

1 butterflied free-range chicken 1.5kg

knob of butter

6 roasted garlic pieces

bunch of thyme

1 lemon (juiced and zested)

salt and pepper

olive oil

Heat your oven to 220 °C (only for 10 minutes, before turning it down to 180 °C)

Take lemon zest,roasted garlic, butter and 1/2 the bunch of thyme and fill the underside of the chicken skin. This way all your flavours are seeping into your meat. Pat chicken dry with paper towel, rub the chicken all over with a 2tsp of salt, pepper and olive oil. Not only are you further flavouring the chicken, but the chicken skin will be crispier when roasted.

Put chicken on to a roasting pan, pour lemon juice around it. Put lemon skins and remaining thyme underneath the chicken. Roast for 10 minutes on 220°C, then lower the heat to 180 °C and cook for a further 25- 35 mins depending on how large the chicken is.

You can check if your chicken is ready by inserting a skewer/ fork into the thickest part ( thigh). If the juices run clear, your chicken is ready. If it’s still is pink, leave it in for a couple more minutes.

Take chicken out, keep warm and rest the chicken while you make the sauce.

Sauce on the side

Deglaze the roasting pan with a little white wine and chicken stock, bring to a simmer. Add a cornflour mixture (water and cornflour) till you are happy with the consistency of the sauce. Season to taste…YUM, it’s all the lemony, buttery, garlicky thyme goodness…

Brussels Sprouts as a side

We normally have potatoes with our roast chicken, but a healthier alternative is… Brussels sprouts! You can microwave the Brussels sprouts for 3 minutes with just a little water, strain then add them in during the last 10 minutes of cooking your chicken. Bon appétit!

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  • Lollcakes

    I love roast chicken, this looks delicious!

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

    This looks delectable!

  • http://www.figjamandlimecordial.com celia

    Your chicken looks delicious, and your Brussels sprouts look perfect! No-one will eat sprouts here except me, not even stirfried in oyster sauce! :)

  • http://www.jenius.com.au jenius

    I like browning my roast chicken to the same level as you too, lol

  • http://www.foodista.com/blog Alisa

    You did a wonderful job with this chicken. Spatchcocking or butterflied chicken is one of the fastest way of roasting this bird.I like how you cooked it :) I hope you won’t mind,I’d love to guide Foodista readers to this post so they could see your cooking technique.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it’s all set, Thanks!

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks Alisa! And we’re all about sharing ideas and food, that’s why we started this blog, so we’ve added the widget already! Thanks for visiting! :)

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks Michelle- I actually feel quite hungry now looking at this… dinner time!

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thank you! Try this- it’s SO good to have a quick roast on a cold night.

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Haha! Well, I’m maintaining that it’s caramelising ;)

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hmm good idea butterflying it if you are in a hurry. That looks delicious-I don’t like pale roast chicken, the more burnished the better ! :D

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks Lorraine, I agree, a pale roast chicken just screams out “I need more flavour!” 8)

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com soy

    Lol Celia, thanks. That’s such a pity that the kids don’t eat brussels sprouts. You can try adding lemon to the sprouts as they take away the more unpleasant taste. Lemon butter sauce…yumm

  • http://ovenhaven.wordpress.com/ ovenhaven

    I love roast chicken, and yours look really enticing! I much prefer the brown parts as well, so it definitely doesn’t look overdone to me :P

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks ovenhaven, hmmm, I just ate dinner, but I would love the wing tips now…

  • Yuki

    Yummy ^^
    It’s late n i am getting hungry

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  • http://intolerantchef.blogspot.com InTolerant Chef

    There is nothing worse than a ‘nude’ looking chicken. Brown and crispy is the way to go!

  • http://annajohnston.com.au Anna Johnston

    Butterfly’d Roast Chicken is a big favourite of ours on the BBQ during the summer months for us. I’m with you on the crispy over (rather than under) chicken, I know its not good for you….. but its my sneaky secret… I love the crispy skin. So many things you can do with Butterly’d Chicken especially if you get into marinating…. skies the limit.

  • Ygkirene

    Looks delicious and seems quite easy to roast. Gonna try this soon.

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    It is very easy, glad that you’re going to try it