Lemon vanilla macarons

Why, hello! We’ve missed you! We’re back to blogging again, and though it will probably not be as frequently as before, we’d still like to share our joys and boo-boos in our kitchen, garden and while we are out and about. And what better way to resume honeyandsoy than with a post about macarons? I made these delicate lemon and vanilla macarons for a dear friend’s hen’s tea party. Yes, you read that right. No raucous group of girls with unmentionable decor and drunken shenanigans, we were a picture of ladylike elegance, with 3 generations of women enjoying a sit-down afternoon tea. And what a spread there was! All fitting in with a yellow theme, as that was supposedly the groom-to-be’s favourite colour.The bride-to-be didn’t enjoy the restraint for long though, as she was made to wear a home-sewn yellow tuille tutu, blindfolded, and made to guess the flavours of sausages and fish balls that she was fed. Don’t ask ;)

My contribution was the lemon and vanilla macarons, which I was very pleased with. The colour of the shells was a pale buttercup yellow, exactly the delicate shade I had in mind. And the filling was a ganache flavoured with lemon and vanilla bean. The experience of making these macarons was probably the most harrowing I’ve had yet. I made the shells in my kitchen in Australia, then flew them across to my mum’s kitchen in Singapore, where I continued making the ganache and assembling the macarons. Goodness, I struggled with the unfamiliar heat and humidity. The minute anything comes out of a fridge, it starts to sweat. Imagine me trying to pipe ganache as quickly as I could, returning the bowl to the fridge as soon as I filled another piping bag. By the end, all that was left of my beautiful, rich ganache was melted, runny goo.

Luckily, that was after all the macarons were piped in a hurry! My friend loved them, and so did everyone at the party. We didn’t finish all the macarons that day, but they were polished off by friends and family in the days leading up to the wedding. What brings me joy in baking is seeing other people enjoy something I’ve made, so that I feel like I’ve contributed in a small way to one wonderful moment in their lives. I’m guessing that’s the way lots of cooks feel!

So now that the weather’s turning frosty here in Oz, what’s cooking in your kitchen?

For macaron recipes, see our macaron ebook and our free macaron mastery course. If you have bought our macaron ebook, the recipe for these lemon vanilla macarons will be making its way to your inbox.

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