Macarons for Chinese New Year! Black Sesame Macarons

You all knew we had to do a Chinese New Year-themed macaron, right? ;) And the Lunar New Year lasts 15 days, so this is the perfect time to share these black sesame macarons. These black sesame macarons were an inevitable creation, because black sesame is one of our most favourite Asian flavours for sweets. And it turned out to be another true honeyandsoy collaboration. As I mentioned, Soy and I had been wanting to do a black sesame macaron for ages. But when bouncing ideas off each other, we thought that a grey shell and grey filling would be a bit drab. So Soy suggested sprucing up our shells with some organic beetroot powder that we got from Super Sprout some time ago, to make a vibrant festive colour, in true Chinese New Year style.

Such a rich, vibrant colour! We didn’t want to overdo the beetroot powder in our shells though, as I was unsure about how much beetroot flavour would come out in our macarons, so our shells became more pink than red. I didn’t mind though because pink and grey is such a classically chic combination.

Another collaborative element: mascarpone cheese home made by Soy! Just to make things even more exciting, we made 2 types of black sesame filling- a black sesame mascarpone filling and black sesame ganache.

black sesame ganache in the front, and black sesame mascarpone in the back

Texture-wise, the ganache piped more smoothly than the mascarpone, but they each had a very different flavour and texture in the mouth.

Because black sesame is a strong flavour, it was not overshadowed by the slight hint of beetroot in the shell. We found that resting the macarons (as you always should!) also mellowed the beetroot as the macaron shells absorbed more of the black sesame flavour from the fillings. But even so, I found that the beetroot gave only the slightest finish to each bite, which was different and very pleasant.

In terms of flavour, the black sesame ganache was sweeter and smoother, whereas the mascarpone was less sweet and had a more intense black sesame flavour, with a more rustic texture. We found that people who prefer their sweets to be more mellow preferred the nutty savouriness of the mascarpone filling compared to the ganache filling. And people with more of a sweet tooth preferred the ganache, of course!

I think this is one of the more special macaron flavours we’ve made, made all the more meaningful with each of our contributions and time together in the kitchen, because goodness knows that sometimes our kitchen is much too small for 2 people very passionate about their food and ideas!

What about you- can you work with other people around in your kitchen?

honeyandsoy’s Black Sesame Macarons

The recipe for these black sesame macarons can be found in honeyandsoy’s step-by-step macaron guide: Making Failproof Macarons (also available as an ebook very soon!)

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  • Hannah

    Black sesame is my favourite flavour of macaron ever! I’d love to try these beetroot variations too :)

  • Aish

    Holy cow! Black Sesameee!! YUMMY!!! I love that this combination!

  • Anonymous

    Ah the eternal charm of the whimsical creatures. Perefected by the two of you makes them even better. Gorgeous combination of flavours and colours. Who would have thought beauty could pack such a pretty punch? ♥ them! Much love d

  • Michelle Chin

    I love how your macarons always turn out to be!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Your macarons are always just so perfect! I really like the flavour you made too. Happy CNY! :D

  • YT

    you know the answer to that question! although i don’t know if i’ll have as much to add as soy… you both are truly amazing!!!! (lau nua..) oops.

  • Lacey @

    Love the colors. Great post! We’d love for you to share this recipe with us over at!

  • Faith

    These are absolutely gorgeous and such a fun flavor! Happy Chinese New Year!

  • InTolerant Chef

    I love black sesame too, Yummo. Im used to having heaps of people in the kitchen, as long as I have my own board space then I’m OK. Great job!

  • Yuki

    they look absolutely gorgeous!!!
    i am waiting to get a kitchenaid b4 attempting to make macarons the way you do.

  • vy

    beautiful feet!