Macaron ebook

For Less than the Cost of a Failed Batch of Macarons

You can make perfect macarons in the comfort of your kitchen immediately. Macarons with perfect feet and smooth, shiny shells. Perhaps you have always wanted to conquer these delicate but finicky morsels. Or perhaps you might want to bake a perfect batch of macarons for that special someone. For something as tricky as macarons, would you leave it to chance?

By being able to make your very own macarons, you will be able to create your very own flavour combinations that no one has attempted or even thought of yet! You might have attempted macarons before without success, as I have many times. Then this is the book for you, when you can finally experience the satisfaction of knowing that you can make and serve up a beautiful batch of macarons!

When I attempted my first batch of macarons, I armed myself with knowledge from various websites and books and set off, full of hope. Despite all my reserach, I failed dismally. This is what it COST me in a FAILED batch of macarons (80 shells, 40 macarons):

Almond meal: $8.89

Icing sugar: $1.12

Egg whites: $3.15

Time researching and spent baking: 4 hours (priceless, you’ll never get it back)

The macarons were flat like pancakes! The whole batch went into the bin! I swore never to make macarons again until I learnt the secrets. Now I can confidently make macarons, with frilly feet, and all sorts of fillings, to be shared with my family and friends.

Following the positive response to our book, “Making Failproof macarons: A comprehensive step-by-step guide“, we have made an ebook version!

There are a number of reasons why an ebook may be more suitable for you rather than a hard copy book.

A lot of us can’t go past having an actual book we can hold in our hands, but people passionate about food also tend to have a huge cookbook collection! Having an ebook means that you will have the same invaluable information without adding to your already heaving bookshelf, and saving the paper that would go into producing an actual book.

Plus, with our instant delivery system, you will have “Making Failproof macarons: The Ebook” a few moments after ordering, (no need to wait for Mr. Postman) and you will be well on your way to mastering the art of macarons.

We thought long and hard about the value of extensive research, experience and insider tips that will be your final stop on your journey to a successful batch of macarons. You can’t put a price on that feeling of achievement and satisfaction, which is what you will attain when you read this invaluable information I have for you.

We wanted to go above and beyond just selling a book. The love of macarons and making macarons is a journey, and when you purchase our book, you only need to buy it once to be a part of our journey here at honeyandsoy.

You will receive all updated versions and have exclusive access to new recipes that we try here at honeyandsoy, and that will not be posted on the website.

For US$27, you will have an environmentally friendly ebook with insider tips and a comprehensive step-by-step description of the process of making fail-proof macarons. Plus, lifetime exclusive access to all honeyandsoy’s future macaron recipes.

Now, you can spend that amount on a few batches of failed macarons, or 1 box of store-bought macarons. But if you invest in your own skill, you will be able to make as many batches of macarons as you wish, without wasting any more money on binned ingredients. Not to mention being able to bring baked goods to your friends and family that you can boast about and that everyone will fawn over. And perhaps, you might even be able to be able to start selling your own macarons and make a tidy sum of money!

Why would you not make use of my time, effort and experience and save yourself money, frustration and disappointment so that you can make a perfect batch of macarons on your very first try?

Don’t wait any longer- as macarons become more and more popular, start enjoying your very own home made macarons now!