Matcha and white chocolate cupcakes

Since starting honeyandsoy, we have discovered a whole network of people passionate about food! It’s like a wonderful new world out there to be discovered, and sometimes I feel like I’ll never have enough time in the day to read all the other food blogs I love, and chat with everyone else on Twitter. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon Jamieanne’s blog The Sweetest Kitchen. I was busy marvelling at all her pretty cupcake creations, and then realised that she started running a monthly Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge. I’ve been reading about all the different challenges out there on other food blogs for years! And I never thought I would ever be able to participate in one myself. What I liked about Jamieanne’s challenge is the ease of participating. Just 1 ingredient each month, to be included in a cupcake creation. And being able to participate whenever you like! Which is brilliant for someone like me, who actually has a massive commitment beginning with T and rhyming with ‘rhesus’. :)

This month’s ingredient is white chocolate. Remember me saying that Soy and I aren’t huge fans of white chocolate? But we both really loved the matcha and white chocolate ganache I made for my matcha and white chocolate macarons. So, that was the first thing I thought of for this challenge, and seeing how I could incorporate the ganache into a cupcake. Because the matcha and white chocolate ganache is quite delicate, I wanted a cake that wouldn’t overpower the subtle matcha taste, so I decided to pair it with a sponge.

I used the same recipe that I used for the berry trifle that I made for Christmas last year. Both recipes were from Australian Gourmet Traveller. I was a bit worried about the sponge cakes because when I pulled them out from the oven, they smelt a bit eggy, and I really don’t like that eggy smell or taste. But luckily, they didn’t taste too eggy when the cupcakes were complete. I was really happy with the colour they had on them, and how springy they were- exactly how sponge should be.

Once the cakes cooled, I cut out a conical bit from the middle,

filled in the ganache, and put the tops back on. Then, I frosted the tops with more ganache. I thought the

cakes needed a bit more colour, so I dusted some cocoa powder over them.

Et voilà! I was really happy with how they tasted. The green tea and white chocolate ganache was exactly how I hoped it would taste with the sponge, as each complemented the delicacy of the other. If I had to choose, I would still pick dark chocolate ganache over white, but at least I found that I can bake with white chocolate and actually be pleased with the taste, even if I can only have it in small doses. Plus, I am very proud of my very first mystery box challenge entry!

And since it is a challenge, there are some awesome cupcake-themed prizes up for grabs! The winner of August’s Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge will receive prizes from:

Thank you to all our prize sponsors!

You can vote for my matcha and white chocolate cupcakes from 21st-26th August, by putting in your vote in the poll here! Thank you for voting! :)

Matcha and white chocolate cupcakes

makes 12 cupcakes

Matcha and white chocolate ganache

100g fresh cream

100g white couverture chocolate

40g butter

5g matcha powder

Basic sponge

Adapted from Australian Gourmet Traveller

40g butter, melted and cooled

120g plain flour

4 eggs at room temperature

110g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

For the ganache, chop the chocolate to a very fine (grated) consistency.

Chop butter into small cubes.

Commence boiling the cream.

Pour ¾ of the boiled cream into the grated chocolate and let sit for a few minutes to commence melting the chocolate.

Commence mixing with a spatula in a slow circular motion taking care not to incorporate any air.

Once you have a shiny and homogenous mixture, pour the remaining cream over the chocolate and repeat the mixing process. Check the temperature of the chocolate (not more than 55°C).

Add the butter and mix until the butter has completely absorbed into the chocolate.

Cover your ganache with clingfilm and leave in the fridge to set.

For the sponge cakes, preheat oven to 180°C. Prepare a 12-cup muffin pan with cupcake cases.

Triple-sift flour and set aside.

Whisk eggs, sugar and vanilla seeds in an electric mixer until thick, pale and tripled in volume (7-8 minutes). Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Sift over flour in three batches, folding each batch in with a large metal spoon.

Fold in melted butter.

Drop spoonfuls of batter into cupcake cases, bake until light golden and centre springs back when pressed lightly with your fingertip (20-25 minutes). Turn onto a wire rack and cool completely.

To assemble, return ganache to room temperature. When sponge cakes are completely cool, cut out middles, taking care not to cut too deep into the cakes. Fill each hole with ganache and replace tops of cakes. Frost the tops of the cakes with remaining ganache, and enjoy! Cakes are best eaten on the day they are made.

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  • Jamieanne

    They look delicious, I am a big fan of matcha! Good luck in the competition! :)

  • Anonymous

    those cupcakes are gorgeous!!! I love those wrappers, I have been seeing more and more matcha in baked goods, I do have to try it!
    Welcome to food buzz!

  • Michelle Chin

    Not a huge fan of cupcakes but green tea and white chocolate sounds like a prime for green tea and white chocolate muffins. :) Shall ask my sis to bake them. :D

  • Hannah

    I adore matcha-flavoured sweets (I might like black sesame flavoured desserts even more, but shhhh…) Now I’ll try and figure out where to go to vote for you!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thank you Jamieanne! I really do like matcha powder in baked goods now :)

  • honeyandsoy

    Thank you chefdennis! Looking forward to connecting with more people :) and would you believe I lugged those wrappers all the way back from S’pore? Hand carried too, so they wouldn’t be squashed! And matcha is lovely in baked goods.

  • honeyandsoy

    Yeah! If you don’t like cupcakes you can actually make a whole cake, and use the ganache as a topping. How about that?

  • honeyandsoy

    I’m with you about the black sesame, Hannah… and actually planning to create something with it very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! And thanks for voting! Voting only starts on the 21st tho, at The Sweetest Kitchen. :)

  • Michelle Chin

    Sounds good to me. :)

  • Faith

    What pretty cupcakes these are! I’ve never had matcha cake but it’s such a gorgeous color…I bet it’s delicious! I’m going to go vote now! ;)

  • Anna Johnston

    Mmmm, green tea & white chokky. Nice one!

  • Emma @CakeMistress

    Love that cutaway pic exposing the gooey green insides. Green tea and white choc is such a fabulous combo. Great cupcakes!

  • honeyandsoy

    It tastes pretty good! Subtle, but creamy

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Emma!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Anna!