Simple ways to use truffles at home

I met HY at the farmers’ markets (bought the truffle featured above from Farmers’ Market’s at EPIC) during the weekend and he had these burning questions about Truffles…..What does it taste like? At $2.5 per gram / $2500 per kg, is it really worth it? How much should he buy? Even if he does buy it, how would he cook the truffle? He even did some research on the internet about simple truffle recipes, but  then again doesn’t a truffle omelette sound too easy? Would he really be getting the best flavour from the truffle at home through that recipe? What if it turns out terribly, would he just have wasted his money?

honey covers the taste and history on truffles well in the Grand Truffle dinner and also how Chef Christophe taught us some of his truffle recipes.  Even after fully immersing ourselves in appreciating truffles, honey and I are still no experts, but truly appreciate the unique flavour that truffles bring to a dish. The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to buy a lot to make the best out of your truffle purchase! Truffles retail for between $2 – $3 per 1 gram, a 12 gram truffle cost $30 and is more than enough to make a great dinner for 5. Or you could lash out and get 44grams – $110, which will cover a 4 course dinner for 10, that’s just $11 per guest extra!

This post is dedicated to HY and his partner Beth. I hope it will inspire those who want to try their hand at experiencing the full flavour of truffle at home. Whether you choose to get 12 gms or 44 gms, it’s entirely up to you, this post attempts to break down how you can fully maximise and stretching the use of your truffle and savour every last bit of flavour that it’ll bring to your table. You can probably buy Truffle honey and Truffle oil at your local provedor, but it’s all about experiencing the flavours at home. (Plus, all truffle oils are synthetic!!) These simple recipes will even work on 5 grams to start off with.

Top tips on using truffles at home

1-Keep in a glass jar wrapped in a kitchen towel in the fridge, make sure you store a couple of eggs in the jar because the truffle aromas will infuse through the porous egg shells

2- Keep truffles for no more than 10 -14 days

3- Truffle bits and skin can be used to infuse with honey / extra virgin olive oil / butter

4- Use your truffle like a garnish to enhance your dish, cook it as little as possible

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Truffle Honey

1 gram shaved / chopped truffle (use the skin) or what you can afford

150ml clover honey

1-Bring water to a boil

2-Shave truffle into a stainless steel bowl with honey and place over pot with water (double boiler)

2-Heat honey with shaved truffle until it reaches about 185 degrees, keep there for about 10 minutes

3- Pour into sterilized bottle

You could strain if desired but why do that as the truffle bits could add to the aesthetics of the dish just like vanilla beans in crème brulee. Best used on cheese platters and desserts or you could make a really nice pork dish and drizzle the truffle honey before you serve.

Truffle infused poached egg with extra virgin olive oil

I made this for a Saturday breakfast, spent 7 mins or less making it so please try this simple recipe, it’s a flavour explosion in the morning.

1 poached egg

Truffle olive oil


Shavings of truffle

Extra virgin olive oil as desired

1-       Poach egg

2-      Dress with desired amount of extra virgin olive oil

3-      Shave truffle on top

4-      Season to taste

5-      Enjoy

Stewed chicken with julienne truffle and truffle oil

1 chicken nicely cut up

butter and olive oil

1 diced carrot

1 diced onion

chicken stock

white wine

1- Brown chicken in butter and olive oil

2-Add onions and carrot

3-Deglaze pan with white wine

4- Add chicken stock till it just covers chicken

5- Stew for 1/2 hour

6- Serve with julienne truffle and your home-made truffle oil

This was a really satisfying dinner for the family because I really sauced it up for a cold winter night in Canberra. If you are vegetarian, use mushrooms, vegetable stock and herbs. It’s adapted from Christophe’s dish and I’ve made it really simple so anyone can cook it. My disclaimer for this dish is that I had a really good chicken stock, hence I did not put any herbs, but please do put your bouquet garni if you have it handy.

Truffle Butter

Mix well:

1 gram shaved / chopped truffle

100 grams of room temperature butter

Again another rough recipe as it depends on what you need to use it for, I used this truffle butter for toast and for stuffing a chicken. Other great uses are making omelettes or even mashed potatoes, imagine the flavour!

Truffle Olive Oil


1 gram shaved / chopped truffle

100ml extra virgin olive oil

This recipe is really a rough guide, try to make small amounts of truffle oil so that you can use it quickly instead of storing it. Truffle tends to spore in oil and if you must keep it, please heat the oil to 185 degrees and store truffle oil in a cool and dark place. Keep the lid of the container tightly closed to avoid exposure to oxygen. You may even wish to place baking paper atop the truffle oil to ensure that oxygen stays out. I love using this on a creamy soup, it just gives it that extra restaurant look and flavour in a home environment.

Bear in mind that all truffle oil (yes, even those from your favourite celebrity chef) are synthetic. It’s used in all the restaurants as the flavour it produces are actually alot more trufflely in aroma than ones that you make, but I’m all for making this simple truffle oil at home especially since the little odd bits of truffle are used up.

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