Smoked trout from Alpine Trout Farm, Noojee, Vic

During our Christmas Victorian adventure, we made a road trip to Noojee, east of Melbourne.  And when we drove past this trout farm, we knew we had to stop. It was quite chilly over Christmas, and was the perfect weather for the alpine setting with clear river waters.

The Noojee river is a very popular fishing spot, but for those who prefer not to fish wild trout, the Alpine trout farm is a great alternative. The ponds are filled with trout and salmon of various sizes, and fishing equipment is available.

The staff at the trout farm will also clean and gut any fish you catch so that you can bring it home, ready to cook!

Or, if you can’t wait to bring your fish home to cook, there are also barbeque facilities available. I can’t think of anything fresher. I was glad that we just had lunch, as this barbie smelt so awesome!

Unfortunately I can’t bring myself to fish, farmed or not, so we bought some smoked trout and had it as part of our dinner that night.

This photo says everything about how wonderful the trout was. It was flaky and had a texture that melted in our mouths, yet tasted so fresh and crisp. It was light as well, and I could have eaten the whole fish on my own :D But food always tastes better shared, and we did enjoy this trout together. Our only regret was that we didn’t buy more when we had the chance!

Alpine Trout Farm

115 Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road, Noojee, Victoria

03 5628 9584

Open 7 days, 9.30am-5pm

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  • Intolerant Chef

    That looks just amazing. I love the earthiness that smoked trout has, and love it teamed with a horseradish dressing or sauce.

  • Hannah

    Smoked trout is my, or at least one of my, absolute favourite types of seafood. This must have been so wonderfully fresh and lovely tasting! Envious…

  • Michelle Chin

    Does smoked trout tastes a little smoked ocean trout?

  • Celia

    Look at that! We adore trout and salmon, and I could eat that smoked trout straight off my screen! What a shame it’s so far away, but thank you so much for the lovely story!

  • toria

    my friend works here!!xx