Soy, the egg monster’s, egg tasting plate

I’ve always loved eggs, Honey even goes as far as to call me an egg monster. Mainly because one time, on a holiday in Indonesia, we stayed at a hotel that had an egg station at breakfast where we could get our eggs cooked on the spot by the chef. That morning, I had a 2-egg omelette with mushrooms, cheese and red capsicum, a soft-boiled egg, a poached egg, a fried egg (sunny side up), oh and I had a salted egg with yeah..I had 6 eggs for breakfast on that day! I do love my eggs. :D

However, when I was getting this egg tasting plate ready, I realised that I can’t imagine a world without eggs. That sheds more light on why I always make sure that the house is stocked up with eggs. Honey also goes on to say that I get anxiety attacks when our egg stock gets low. The reason why I love eggs that much is that they are so versatile. They are commonly used in my household in fried rice, poached eggs or fried eggs for breakfast, omelette with mushrooms, custard, pastry….. Honey uses loads!

To those who have chickens to give them an ample supply of free-range eggs (Celia and Ellie), you’re very lucky and I wish that I was your neighbour. I have been wanting to keep chickens for the longest time and it’s only recently that Honey has been persuaded…. however, I have a massive snake phobia and have not taken the plunge because I’m convinced that chooks=rats/mice=snakes… Plus I have been uncertain about how to best house the chooks (chicken coop) and the costs involved, but I’ve been reading about this Chicken DIY guide and if I take the plunge, I think I will try my hand at building a chicken coop!

Anyway, now that you know about my egg + chook obsession, you can imagine my delight when Honey told me that she signed me up for Penny’s International Incident party. This month’s IIP was hosted by Penny and Trix, and the theme was eggs! It’s not often that I like these ‘surprises’. Before starting this post, I mentioned to Celia that I had  48 eggs in preparation for this challenge! When the weekend came, I had 38 left. (We go through a lot of eggs) I only used 10 eggs in this challenge, mainly because I made extra for the rest of the family to try.

My inspiration for this egg tasting plate was to showcase how a dish can be heightened by using eggs. I was very tempted to just showcase eggs on their own, but fundamentally, eggs go really well with certain ingredients. To an egg monster like me, eggs on their own are great, but paired together with dill, salmon, or a small morsel of braised beef, it’s fantastic! I even separated the egg yolk from the white so that if you eat my egg tasting plate, you’ll only be eating just under 2 eggs. (In case you wanted to know how many eggs I ate for this “concept design”, the magic no. was just over 5)

So, I proudly present my egg tasting plate, in the order of how I think one should eat it, as the flavour intensifies with each spoon.

Soy, the egg monster’s egg tasting plate

-Egg white and spring onion crepe with poached salmon

This little sushi inspired morsel is gluten free, almost fat free and full of flavour from the salmon and spring onion-flavoured egg white crepe. Perfect cold starter.

-Egg mayo with dill on lightly toasted bread

A honeyandsoy household favourite! Hard boiled eggs lovingly combined with Japanese Mayo, dill and a pinch of salt. Served on lightly toasted bread to create a taste and texture sensation in your mouth.

-Soft boiled egg with red braised beef

Inspired by those yummy soft boiled eggs they serve with ramen, I served 1/2 of a soft boiled egg and accompanied it with the red braised beef and its sauce.

-Slow cooked egg yolk with beetroot and mushroom risotto

It’s hard to know which is the main star in this dish. The egg yolk slow poached for 20 min in 45 degree olive oil oozing with eggy heavenly liquid; or the intense flavoured beetroot and mushroom risotto that is slightly sweet yet savoury?

So how do you normally enjoy your eggs and what do you use them most in?

Check out the other fab people who came to the eggs party!

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  • Celia

    Soy!! What a post! I can’t believe you effectively confit an egg yolk for the last dish! Love the idea of the spring onion and egg white crepe. Actually, AND the hard boiled egg and Japanese mayo, AND the SBE and braised beef! I loved them all.. :)

    Thanks so much for the mention, but even more for the egg-spiration. With an average of five eggs a day at our place, we’re always on the lookout for recipes. Mind you, we rarely have more than a dozen in the fridge, so they really do get used up! Last night’s challah used two whole eggs and four yolks – and I’m about to go turn two of the spare whites into more marshmallows.. :)

    On the issue of chickens – I think you need to bite the bullet and just get them!

  • Trix

    I am SO glad you joined the party!! Clearly we are kindred spirits. Egg monsters!! How can I choose a favorite from all the yummles you made? Well, I obviously love dill … but your slow cooked egg yolk with beetroot and risotto is kind of calling my name. Beautiful!!

  • Jo

    I am in awe of your eggs – each of your dishes looks and sounds amazing!

  • honeyandsoy

    Celia, what can I say, lusting over your chook’s eggs provided the inspiration *grinz* I did go a little nuts when I did the preparation.

    I think it’s amazing how you can turn 2 egg whites into a batch of marshmallows! Hardly more than a dozen eggs in the fridge? I’ll have egg anxiety!

    Yeah…chickens…chicken coop…backyard…fence..eggs…feed… rats..snakes…I do agree that I just have to bite the bullet…

  • honeyandsoy

    Lol, thanks Trix! Glad that you’re hosting the party, thanks! Glad to see that you’re having trouble with a favourite *wink*

    Btw, love what you did with your eggs!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Jo, I do admit being egged out (for only a minute) after all the tastings.

  • Maya @ Foodiva’s Kitchen

    If all egg monsters can create a beautiful and delicious tasting platter like this, I wouldn’t mind having one around in my house! Eggs-cellent contribution to the party!

  • Hannah Terry-Whyte

    Aw, puuuurty! Love the look of the poached salmon crepe roll in particular :)

  • Conor @ Hold the Beef

    You are an Egg Whisperer. These are so great! I am particularly in love with the crepe with smoked salmon – I will definitely be copying this! Just awesome.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful! I just want to try the egg white and spring onion crepe with poached salmon & the slow poached egg. And thank god to another EGG monster!
    Thanks for joining the party!

  • Christine@Christine’s Recipes

    All these egg tasting plates are great. Love to try each of them. :)

  • honeyandsoy

    Lol, *blush* thanks! I’m egg-barressed

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks, I’m not big fan of cooked salmon…..but honey loved how it tasted.

  • honeyandsoy

    Coool, will look out for it

  • honeyandsoy

    No worries Jeroxie, was very happy to have joined. I think the slow poached egg yolk was my favourite. And I have to try your tea egg recipe soon.

  • honeyandsoy

    8), hope you’ll love the taste of them

  • Iron Chef Shellie

    EVERYTHING looks amazing!!! Well done!
    The Egg white and spring onion crepe with poached salmon has my name written all over it!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Shellie, ah, another salmon n egg fan!

  • Cakelaw

    So many interesting ways with eggs – these would be perfect appetisers at a party.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in awe over what you have done with egg. It’s phenomenal, really. Beautiful tasting plate you have prepared :)

  • Cherrie

    I love the idea of the egg tasting plate. They all look so good!

  • Michelle Chin


  • My Restaurants Melbourne

    Everthing here looks fantastic!! great job! that would have taken so long

  • honeyandsoy

    They definitely would! I’m thinking of serving them up the next time I’ve guests over 8)

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks cakemistress, I really hope to get more ppl loving eggs 8)

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Cherrie, I was on my best plating behaviour.

  • honeyandsoy

    Lol, more like one mouth dining

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks! Time flies when you’re having fun *wink*

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Well done-how elaborately gorgeous! I love eggs too but haven’t quite earnt the title of egg monster (more seafood monster :P ). I love them either scrambled or poached.

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Lorraine! seafood and eggs…yumm

  • Anonymous

    How cool! I particularly like the slow cooked egg yolk, requiring both determination and patience. I bet it was worth every long minute too!

  • honeyandsoy

    Hellow fellow egg monster!!! Thanks, I love your quiche too, that pastry…yumm

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks Nancy 8)

  • honeyandsoy

    Yumm, which herbs do you normally use? One of my childhood favourites was egg omelet with cheese and mushrooms, every Friday night at my best friend’s place. 8)

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks! I’m not one for patience, but…I busied myself with the preparation of the other dishes while I waited…It was worth it…On first mouthful I got the savory blast of intensely flavored beetroot and mushroom risotto; and then the burst of the egg yolk just softly blanketed the risotto and merged in heavenly goodness..hmmm…talking about it makes me want to make it again!

  • Lollcakes

    You did a fantastic job Soy! I get farm-fresh eggs from Mama C and I normally like to make lemon curd as they come with a bumper crop of lemons. I’m very impressed, it looks fabulous!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks! I love lemon curd too and yours look good in your cupcakes 8)