Star struck start to Soy’s food adventure to HK/Singapore

What a great start to our sisterly food adventure to Hong Kong and Singapore, I met Tetsuya Wakuda!!!! I’m usually not one to be star struck, so this is a whole new experience for me! I was waiting in line to check in to my flight to Hong Kong via Singapore, people watching and thinking about getting a coffee for my sis. When I glanced over to the front of line…… Tetsuya?….TETSUYA!!!!!! OMG!

At this point, my big sister commented “He’s only a man”….. Yeah! But he’s one of the best chefs in the world! So I walked up to him, took a deep breath and said ” Tets?”


“I was wondering if I could take a photo with you after you check in”

What seemed like minutes was only a couple of seconds…”Sure!”

I was totally star struck and just smiled and waited while he checked in. I’ll save myself the embarrassment by not telling you how blur I was. Tetsuya is the nicest guy ever, he has no airs about him, and seems like a regular guy. But he’s a real genius in the kitchen, combining Japanese and French techniques in his food. He told me that he was going to be in Singapore for 2 weeks at his new restaurant Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands.

Sadly, after meeting the man in person and knowing about his food and his humble beginnings, how his signature confit of ocean trout is the best in the world, I have still not eaten at Tetsuya’s. P and A could not get a dinner reservation at Tetsuya’s for months, but my hope is that Honey and I will be able to experience a sublime dinner at Waku Ghin or Tetsuya’s very soon!

If you recommend the best thing to eat in Singapore to Tetsuya, what would it be?

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda

Waku Ghin

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

+65 6688 8507

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  • Anna Johnston

    That's funny Soy! I'm exactly the same about my fav Chefs & their restaurants, its possibly my most favourite thing to do (dining out at my hero's restaurants) & I would love to once again dine at Tetsuya's, its such an experience so you really should do everything you can to get there. Enjoy your Singapore adventure!

  • InTolerant Chef

    we're going to Singapore in a couple of months too. I have no reccomendations, but will wait to hear yours!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thank you, Anna! I am now in HK trying to eat as much as I can, and I will be in Singapore next. I'm so glad I got to meet Tetsuya!

  • honeyandsoy

    Will you really be going to Singapore? Definitely look out for Soy's adventures! Whenever we're back in Singapore, it is like one long eating session, but then again, that's inbuilt into the culture!