Black Sesame Muah Chee

I’ve made this simple version of muah chee years ago, so when Patrick asked me about it recently, I set about making it again, having known how simple it is. Normally muah chee is done with a peanut and sugar coating, however, I did feel that black sesame would be more fragrant and unique to try at home. Funny that it looks like a truffle in the picture!

Please use black sesame powder, don’t attempt to grind black sesame seeds unless you have a Thermomix! I remember reading on Little Teochew on how she had to grind the black sesame when she was making black sesame ice-cream and how tedious it was. There was just something cute about the way she described her frustration (that she smacked her forehead) that made me laugh and remember to get the black sesame powder.

Being away from Singapore always made me seek out simple recipes that I can use in order to replicate any local delights that I craved. This is definitely one recipe that I’ll go back to again and again as it’s simple and easy to explore with different flavours. The next time I make this super easy microwavable version muah chee, it’ll either be flavoured with Green Tea / Macha or Almond. I also love how Little Teochew has given a major tip on how to handle the sticky gluey dough with ease:

Black Sesame Muah Chee – Easy Microwave Version

adapted from The Little Teochew
- 250g glutinous rice flour
- 375ml water
- 2 tbsp shallot oil

Mix (A) in a covered Pyrex bowl and microwave on high for 7 mins. Set aside.

- 250g black sesame powder
- 50g caster sugar

Mix (B) together to create black sesame and sugar mixture.

Cut a big piece out and plonk it into the peanut/sugar mixture, and then start cutting into small pieces. This way, as you cut and roll the little pieces around in the peanut mix, they don’t stick to one another or to your scissors or fingers.

Top tips:

1-cut a big piece of muah chee and put it into the black sesame/peanut/sugar mixture, and then start cutting into small pieces.

2-do not keep it overnight, your lovely muah chee morsels will start becoming gluggy! Make on demand and finish it. That won’t be difficult, as this dessert is so easy to make and so more-ish.

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  • Alx

    Hey Honey,

    Is that the table mat I bought with you when you were back in SIngapore?

  • honeyandsoy

    Yes!! Well done! :) Then again, I did go on a bit about whether Soy would kill me for buying such pink placemats!

  • Woodenpegs

    Hello! Is there a substitute for shallot oil? How many servings does the recipe make? Thank you!

  • honeyandsoy

    Hmm good question- I’m not really sure, though maybe a smaller quantity of sesame oil might work. If you don’t mind a less fragrant oil, then peanut oil will do.

    This recipe yields the amount of muah chee you see in the 2nd photo… I’m estimating 200-300g. It’s quite a substantial amount, perhaps enough for 8 people. You only need a little in each serve cos it’s quite filling.

  • Daniel Bingham

    Yum! I love mochi and haven’t been able to find any for a while. Thanks for the recipe!

  • honeyandsoy

    Thanks for stopping by, Daniel! Hmm, mochi is slightly different from muah chee. Mochi is Japanese, and muah chee is Singapore/Malaysian. They’re both made from glutinous rice flour, but mochi tends to be filled on the inside, but muah chee is the glutinous rice pieces coated in black sesame or peanut powder and sugar. They taste very similar though, so if you’re missing mochi, try this and see what you think!

  • Thelittleteochew

    Hello my dears, what a great idea to use black sesame! Muah Chee never looked so dark and sexy. :)

  • honeyandsoy

    lol, thanks lt, love how you discribe it as black and sexy. I still love the way you wrote your post too, made me laugh. 8)