Two dinners in one day- 1st day in HK Part 2

This is the second part of my first day in Hong Kong with my sister- just to recap, we had 2 breakfasts and then skipped lunch. We then met up with  UPL (Uncle Princess Leo), who flew in from Shanghai. My sis and I hadn’t seen him for some time so it was cool to hang out with him for dinner. I call him UPL due to him being particular about how he consumes his food. He’s very particular about the temperature of his food, so as to avoid food poisoning. However, due to my Asian heritage, I want to also respect him while teasing him, hence UPL. UPL chooses where to eat very carefully and tends to stick to a few trusty places that serve up good food really hot. His favourite in Hong Kong is hot pot, where food is cooked at boiling point.

UPL had a real craving for his usual roast meat. So at 10pm, we headed to one of his favourite haunts for our 2nd dinner. This place does not have an English signboard, but I think it’s called ” Happiness Tea House” if it was ‘translated’. Those of you whose Mandarin is better please correct me!  This place was packed and is a fine example of your regular noodle store in Hong Kong, serving up roasted meats, noodles and wantons.

We had roast duck, roasted pork and bowls of wonton noodles. It was very satisfying in taste and texture.

The wantons were absolutely scrumptious! The wonton wrappers were smooth, the pork was tender and the prawns crunchy. It was seasoned to perfection, yum! This meal is really what I love about Hong Kong, the convenience of good simple and tasty food.

Now, the reason why we had 2 dinners was not purely because we were greedy. We were unsatisfied from our 1st dinner. UPL really stepped out of his comfort zone when my sister and I persuaded him to try Trusty Congee King. I had read that their fish congee was really nice as it was flavoured with fish soup and the fish was cooked to perfection before being added to the porridge at the last moment. It came highly recommended but I was disappointed that the congee was served lukewarm and was not as smooth as others that I have eaten before. Neither did it have as much fish as described.

Other websites have spoken highly of Trusty Congee King, but it must have been just me that had an ordinary experience on that particular day. I hope that if you do try Trusty Congee King, that it’ll be as good as others have described. What I think is really commendable is that their food is msg-free. The congee is served up with some crunchy dough fritters (yiu tiao) and some cold fish skin (eaten like jelly fish).


Trusty Congee King

7 Heard St, Wan Chai

How to get there: MTR Wan Chai Station, exit A4, turn right and walk down Hennessy Road for approximately 10 mins.

Happiness Tea House

6 Stewart Road (opposite Novotel, Causeway bay)

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  • Michelle Chin

    2 dinners! WOW

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe at UPL, I was wondering what that meant! I think an UPL is very good to have around to scout out good places!

  • InTolerant Chef

    I have to admit to being a bit fussy, I like my hot food to really be hot, and my cold food to really be cold. I've had food poisoning before and it's not much fun! I get where UPL is coming from.

  • jeroxie

    Love it!!! I miss HK. Must head back to Asia for a visit

  • Anna Johnston

    I like the way you think. 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts. Enjoying your food-a-rama in HK.

  • honeyandsoy

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments- this is Honey responding on Soy's behalf as she has limited internet connectivity at the moment. Apparently, UPL carries this ancient folded newspaper cutting in his pocket, with a review of 3 roast/noodle stalls. And apparently he diligently only visits these places!!! I found that hilarious!

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