Wordless Wednesday- Roti Canai, Dhal and Teh Tarik

I just have to add that this simple but very satisfying breakfast in Malaysia cost A$0.70!

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  • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

    No matter how bad I crave for these things, I WILL NEVER HAVE IT IN AUSTRALIA.

  • Iris

    i’m so jealous, you have no idea!!!! in Singapore you can’t get this any more… and we did not go to Malaysia this trip at all!!!!! ah yoh!!!!!! only Malaysia Boleh!!! i’ve tried a few places in Sydney, but they are all without the standard fluffiness nor crispness!!

  • MeiLing

    i keep logging-on to the website to just stare at the roti chanai…. drool….. now that i’ve given up caffeine… that tea is looking so good i just might start on caffeine again too!!

  • http://twitter.com/inanaj Janani J

    *stabs self repeatedly*

  • Anonymous

    Looks so yummy, can hardly wait for my holiday!!!

  • http://figjamandlimecordial.com/ Celia

    Sigh..when I saw your tweet about this, I was ready to drive to Canberra in a heartbeat. Flying to M’sia is probably overkill though.. ;-)