Wordless Wednesday- Soy’s garden potatoes

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  • Lokmeiling

    You must be so so so so so proud!!!

  • http://intolerantchef.blogspot.com InTolerant Chef

    littlej is growing her own in a tyre and the plants are huge, but when is the best time to harvest them?

  • http://anediblemosaic.com Faith

    Very nice job on growing your own potatoes! There is something so satisfying about eating something you grew, isn’t there?

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    When the tops of the potato plant die off, you can harvest them, if you can afford the space, stack another tyre on and add more mulch/ soil. Looking foward to seeing hers 8)

  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Thanks Faith, it really is very satisfying! I’m crossing my fingers that there are more potatoes to harvest


  • http://www.honeyandsoy.com honeyandsoy

    Grinz, very very very very very pleased 8)

  • Celia

    Soy, they look wonderful! Isn’t it amazing how creamy potatoes straight out of the garden taste?